Daniel Wojcik’s essay Polaroids from Heaven describes the emerging folk religious practice “that uses photography to document miraculous phenomena, produce signs of the supernatural, and create sacred images”.

With today’s widespread consumer accessibility to photographic cameras and devices, there is an ever-increasing collection of photo documents, which expand our perceptions of the spiritual. It has been my quest to explore gender constructs throughout the lens of media and religion. I created Kodak Catholicism ~ a photographic documentation of my relentless search for the ultimate iconographic woman, the Virgin Mary. Going into this project, I realized I had to be open to believing or I’d end up with nothing special.

This project was created by Teresa Ascencao, was named after Jessy C. Pagliaroli’s essay Kodak Catholicism, and made possible through the generous support of the Toronto Arts Council.

You can view the project album and post your own miraculous photos!

Project Album

Guest Album


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